Rewrite The World

He faced a problem that seemed bigger than he could handle, but decided to tackle it with everything that he had.

When young Aaron Cohen needed guidance, he reached straight back through the pages of history and found his Biblical namesake. As he struggled to do the impossible, he discovered friendship, courage, and the power of forgiveness.

(If you could) Rewrite the World is a new, homegrown humorous and heartwarming musical of Biblical proportions!




"This unique troupe performs musicals in English, so that one could close one's eyes and think they were on Broadway, and that the actors were Americans... This is an excellent performance of the crazuest of musicals!"    Eli Eshed, Yekum Tarbut

Ray of Light!

"This production, currently touring Israel, is lively and nice, and faithful to the original show that conquered Broadway... A musical like this is very difficult to produce. This production, in the original language, is a ray of light in the world of theater."     Haim Noy,

Enjoyed the nostalgia

"We liked the performance. Yisrael Lutnick is quite talented. We enjoyed the nostalgia of the stories of Yossele Rosenblatt and George Gershwin." I Weintraub

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