To Dream the Impossible Dream

Man of La Mancha

Performed in February 2008, in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ra'anana.

    Directed by Bathsheba Garnett

    Musical Director Daniel Tucker

    Written by Dale Wasserman

    Lyrics by Joe Darion

    Music by Mitch Leigh

    Performed in English and accompanied by a live orchestra.

Man of La Mancha is a different type of show. It is a show that does not have fans, it has fanatics in the full sense of the word. People don't "like" Man of La Mancha, they are passionate about it. Why?

Because deep inside, everyone is a little bit of a Don Quixote. We all want to fix the world, to fight for that Impossible Dream. Man of La Mancha calls to the best desires inside us, and restores our faith in goodness when the world has gone mad.

That is why Israel Musicals is so proud to have presented the first English performance of Man of La Mancha in Israel. The show starred Yisrael Lutnick as Don Quixote, together with Howie Metz as Sancho and Rebecca Sykes as Aldonza/Dulcinea. Supporting actors were Stu Siegel as the Innkeeper, Daniel Chari as Padre, Nikki Simon as the niece, Devorah Shalen as the housekeeper and Yossi Fackenheim as the son-in-law.

The cast and crew thank our audiences for sharing our inspiring story with us.

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Man of La ManchaMan of La Mancha Movie Download, from iTunes.

Original Broadway Cast - Man of la Mancha - Man of la Mancha (I, Don Quixote)Man of la Mancha

Richard Kiley - Man of la Mancha - The Impossible Dream (The Quest)The Impossible Dream

Richard Kiley - Man of la Mancha - DulcineaDulcinea

Harry Theyard & The Muleteers - Man of la Mancha - Little Bird, Little BirdLittle Bird, Little Bird

Irving Jacobson - Man of la Mancha - A Little GossipA Little Gossip

Eleanor Knapp, Mimi Turque & Robert Rounseville - Man of la Mancha - I'm Only Thinking of HimI'm Only Thinking of Him

Gino Conforti, Irving Jacobson, Richard Kiley & The Muleteers - Man of la Mancha - Barber's Song / Golden HelmetGolden Helmet

Original Broadway Cast - Man of la Mancha - To Each His Dulcinea (To Every Man His Dream)To Each His Dulcinea

Mitch Leigh - Man of la Mancha - The DubbingThe Dubbing - Knight of the Woeful Countenance

Mitch Leigh - Man of la Mancha - Medley: Dulcinea (Reprise) / the Impossible Dream (Reprise) (The Quest) / Man of la Mancha (Reprise) (I, Don Quixote)Final Scene Reprises

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