Israel Musicals is Currently Casting For Our Tour of Stiles and Drewe's

Character breakdowns

  • Peter Pan - Lead role. Plays a teenager, tenor range, athletic and versatile actor.
  • Wendy - Lead. Soprano. Mature teen or youngish early 20s. Motherly and firm, while still yearning for childhood.
  • Storyteller - Grandmother type, plays aged 60+.
  • Mrs. Darling - Mother, a together type.
  • Mr. Darling - Grown, but immature and impulsive.
  • John Darling, Michael Darling - Wendy's younger brothers. Wide eyed and eager for adventure.
  • The Lost Boys - Peter's gang in Neverland. Teens/early 20s.
  • Captain Hook - Lead. Villain with a bombastic nature. Baritone.
  • The Pirates - Strong singers and dancers, with comedic timing.
  • Tiger Lily - Head Indian, supporting role.
  • Braves - Strong singers and dancers.


We are also actively seeking production staff, including a stage manager and assistants, as well as artistic staff for work with sets and props. Please submit your information on the form below, and we will add you to our files and be in touch with you should your skills be a good match. Thanks so much for your interest!

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